Outdoor PIR solar microwave/ir sensor -X3

This is the ultimate in protection. Solar operated with 4 lenses. It uses both microwave and infra red to ensure a very low level of false alarms. Pet immune up to 35kg

This sensor is wireless / wired compatible, 2 dual PIR and Microwave digital technology, adopts self designed mask with DMT technology (anti masking function), digital pulse count adjustable (to make it more or less sensitive), auto temperature compensation and energy analysis, pet immunity under 35kgs, excellent false alarm prevention with look down window to avoid blind corner, Microwave anti collision feature that enables detectors to be installed adjacently or face to face without interference, unique waterproof design, adopts refined Fresnel lenses, uses IR leading wave technology to reach real physical area superposition of PIR and MW areas, the best choice for indoor / outdoor intrusion detector for military, industrial, commercial, residential areas.


    2 dual PIR + Microwave digital technology
    adopts self designed mask with DMT technology – anti masking function
    digital pulse count adjustable for each PIR detection separately
    pet immunity < 35kgs
    detect range up to 15m – 27m based on Fresnel lens fitted (Fresnel lens model RL300F – 15m/25°; RL300B – 12m/110°; RL-300 – 15m/110°; RL300LR – 27m/15°)
    alarm indication LED (red light) / pre-trigger single indication LED (green light)
    unique waterproof design IP 65 rating
    built-in anti remove button / anti-white light switch
    anti -EMI >30v/m( 30mhz-1ghz) / anti white light:>15000 lux
    wiring indication when connect with external power adapter or control panel
    wireless emitting / receiving distance 200m (in open area)
    wireless emitting frequency: 433MHz / 868MHz
    working voltage: 6vdc
    adjustable bracket to match different detect angle requirement
    external power adapter - consumption current is ?18mA (static) / ?30mA (alarm)
    built-in Ni-MH battery - consumption current is ?18mA (static) / ?80uA (alarm)
    installation height 0.8m-2.4m / installation/wall/pole/barrier mountable with wide rotation design range
    working temperature: -10 c- +50c
    dimension is 220*100*120mm / ivory white color


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