application switch - 3 buttons - Wireless X3

This 3 button switch instantly turns the X3 alarm system into an home automation unit. The Predator X3 can take up to 8 switches. These switches can be controlled directly, via the X3 control panel, remote controller (up to 3 switches or remotely via a telephone line These power switches work on 220V and can be used to switch lights, sprinkler systems, motors etc.


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PIR Ceiling - X3

ceiling-pir-x3Suitable for various indoor environments

Built in Fresnel which increase energy receiving effieciency to reduce false alarms


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repeater (signal booster) - X3

This product will boost the wireless signal from wireless sensor up to 800 meters! Repeaters are used where sensors are more than 80-100 meters away from the main unit like Lapas and out buildings.


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Unit for armed response radio senders

Module allowing all Predator alarms to be connected to armed response company's radio equipment if so preferred


Smoke sensor -X3

This Wireless smoke detector is compatible with the Predator X3 Alarm system


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PIR Curtain - X3

curtin-X3Creates a thin layer of protection much like a curtain.
Used in front of windows etc. where the windows are protected but still allows movement in the rest of the protected area


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Outdoor PIR solar microwave/ir sensor -X3

This is the ultimate in protection. Solar operated with 4 lenses. It uses both microwave and infra red to ensure a very low level of false alarms. Pet immune up to 35kg


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Door bell -X3

doorbell-X3With the X3 there is no need to have a separate door bell installed. Simply get this wireless door bell and install it on the X3


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