PIR Wired - pet immune 10kg

Highly andvanced, very accurate with strong anti-error reporting.
This wired sensors are also known as movement detectors.
Pet immune sensor, will not trigger pets smaller than 10kg.


  • Stronger anti-error reporting and much better detecting ability than common PIR's.
  • Pet immune (up to 10kg)
  • Working current: static < 30uA; alarm < 20 Ma Self-check: 1~2 minutes 
  • Working mode: power save mode (twice alarm minimum alternation time is about seven minutes);
  • Test mode: (twice alarm minimum alternation time is 20 second).
  • Sensor: Special made low noise double configuration.
  • Detecting angle: horizontal110° Vertical 60°
  • Sensitivity: Jump line adjusted: (4~8 m, 6~10 m, 9~12m)

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