PIR Curtain - Wireless Adjustable detection distance 2 - 12m

curtin-X3Creates a thin layer of protection much like a curtain.
Used in front of windows etc. where the windows are protected but still allows movement in the rest of the protected area


Criminals know your bedroom sensors are off at night. Almost all alarms have the functionality to disable some sensors when the alarm is armed while at home, this is called “at home” mode. Unfortunately that opens a gap in your security.

A relatively new type of sensor called a curtain sensor will fully handle this security risk. A curtain sensor acts like an “invisible curtain” at your windows. These sensors only protect the window area and if someone moves through the “curtain” it will trigger the sensor. The rest of the room is thus still available for free movement. Of cause a curtain sensor can be placed in many other areas as well, like end of halls, doors etc. Many of our customers with big dogs also use curtain sensors to limit false alarms.

See how it works here

  • Unique curtain style detection
  • Ceiling and wall mount
  • low battery indicator
  • low power consumption
  • time delay mode
  • unique factory set coding
  • anti tamper switch
  • true temperature compensation
  • intelligent signal processing
  • 2-12m detection distance (3 levels adjustable)90° wide angle

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