Our Predator car alarm and tracker gives you control of your car ALWAYS!

Know where your car is at all times

No monthly subscriptions

Free online monitering and tracking of your car

Recover your stolen car by remotely cut the power and fuel of your stolen car

Ideal for use on any kind of vehicles ie personal cars, sales rep cars, courier vehicles


Product Features:

You will receive a call and sms and 2 of your friends will also receive an sms when

  •  Shake Alert: If somebody tries to tamper with your car and your alarm is armed
  • Panic Button: Ideal for use in hijack and any emergancy situations. 2 contacts will be notified immediately via sms and the location of your car will be sent to them.
  • Door Open Alert: If somebody opens your car door when it is armed
  • Engine on Alert: If somebody turns on the ignition of your car when it is armed
  • Move Alert: If your car moves out of range
  • Speed Alert: If your car goes past a specific speed limit
  • Built in microphone: You can phone into your alarm to hear what is going on in there

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