Predator X2 GSM Touch Screen Alarm System

PredatorX2SystemNEW: The Predator X2 is back in TOUCH. White, slim and now coming with a built in touch pad, the NEW Predator X2 Touch is an affordable, easy to use and operate wireless alarm system with latest technology.


Let's have a look at the functions of the Predator X2 Touch Alarm System

  1. It is wireless, so you do not have any wires running everywhere.
  2. You will be notified immediately when your alarm system is triggered
  3. You have the option of connecting to an armed response company of your choice, so when your alarm is triggered, you know and your armed response company also receives a signal.
  4. You can install it yourself - easy wireless coding with different wireless sensors to add onto the alarm system
  5. It comes with a 4 button remote controls to arm, disarm, home arm( stay mode) and panic.
  6. Deactivate your inside zones at night and leave outside perimeter sensors armed
  7. It has a lot of room for expansion coming with 99 wireless zones and 4 wired zones
  8. Alarm panel comes with a tamper function. If panel is dismounted, the alarm will go off
  9. Alarm can be controlled from your cell phone or landline.
  10. Arm or disarm your alarm system via sms command or calling into your alarm system as well as listen in to hear what is going on inside your home.
  11. Alarm can call a maximum of 6 phone numbers and sms a maximum of 3 phone numbers.
  12. Immediate notification when there is a power outage when your alarm is armed. Alarm comes with buil in rechargeable battery to keep the alarm running when there is a power outage.
  13. Record your own voice message
  14. Voice guide on all operations
  15. Come with NEW and ADVANCED sensors with longer battery life
  16. Comes with 3 groups for setting timely arm and disarm


The standard kit contains the following:

  • 1 Predator X2 TOUCH PAD Panel with built in GSM module
  • 1 Wireless indoor non pet friendly PIR - NEW TECHNOLOGY CHIP
  • 1 Wireless magnetic Door sensor - NEW TECHNOLOGY
  • 2 Remote Controllers
  • Built in Rechargeable battery
  • Power Adapter (DC 12V/1.2A)- South African Plug
  • Siren soundbomb 110 decibels
  • 1 User Manual