Predator X3 commercial level alarm systems


Predator X3 Wired/wireless GSM Alarm System - Our flagship Alarm System

It takes a simcard , telephone line and supervision of sensors

Incorporated with this system is home automation switches, doorbells and much more.


The major differences between the X3 and X1/2:

    Can monitor its sensors for low battery and check if sensor is still there and operational
    Have a GSM module and normal Telkom telephone line that it can automatically switch between for redundancy (backup) purposes
    Can accept additional devices like door bells
    Can tell if doors/windows are open or close
    Can use up to 8 switches - switches can be controlled from switch panels, remote controllers (any 3 switches) and from the telephone line
    Store alarm log of 150 last entries
    Can be incorporated with Ademco alarm monitoring companies
    All sensors are state of the art, high technology with supervision functionality


1.  Speech for all each step, English LCD screen display

2.  Programmable 8 wired zones / 32 wireless zones / 32 BUS modules for expandable

3.  Built-in GSM module can call or send out SMS message via SIM card to preset phone numbers

4.  Wireless frequency 433MHz / 868MHz

5.  Dual-way communication of arm or disarm status by phone or SMS message remotely

6.  2 alarm center phone numbers (CMS number) / 4 voice alarm numbers

7.  Communication protocol to alarm center - Ademco Contact ID protocol

8.  Tel-line auto-dial with pre-recorded CMS numbers in case of emergency

9.  32 wireless detector / 8 wireless remote control / 2 wireless door bell

10. 32 wireless intelligent power switch controller

11. Admin and User menu operation seperately

12. 4 group timing arm and disarm setting

13. 150 alarm log and inquiry / 10 seconds for live listen and recording

14. Support CID protocol upload / 4 or 6 digit user ID code

15. Inspection wireless device low battery or loss status

16. Arm or disarm status resume after power off / wireless alarm linkage

17. Magnetic contact opened inspection function / tel-line off inspection function

18. Built-in rechargeable battery 12V/800mA up to 8 hours when power off

19. Included 15V/1000mA external power adapter