Predator X2 Pro Wireless GSM Alarm system


This alarm system is similar to the Predator X2 alarm system with a few additional features. It also contains extra sensors in the kit that is already programmed for your convenience.


Lets look at some functions of the Predator X2 Pro alarm:

  1. It is wireless
  2. So you do not have wires all over the place!
  3. Your alarm will tell you when and where your alarm is triggered
  4. As soon as your alarm is triggered your cell phone will tell you within 3 seconds
  5. There is no need for security companies to know when your alarm is triggered! You can monitor the alarm yourself.
  6. However, if you want armed response you can connect this alarm to a security company
  7. No high installation fees (often installation cost more than you pay for this unit!)
  8. Advanced sensor technology to prevent false alarms
  9. We have plenty of stock and additional types of sensors available
  10. Remote control to arm, disarm, panic button, stay at home arm (set certain zones not to be active while at home like your bedroom)
  11. Control unit includes keypad for easy programming and control
  12. 99 Wireless zones + 7 wired zones
  13. 100m range between sensors and panel! (keep in mind the more walls it has to go through the lesser the range)
  14. Repeaters are available to increase your range up to 600 metres!
  15. Very loud siren - 110 decibels
  16. Many types of wireless sensors available like gas leak sensors, smoke sensors, pet friendly sensors, outside beams etc
  17. Can also use wired sensors - new or existing
  18. Alarm can be controlled from any phone (land line or cell) - it is password protected with a password that you set yourself
  19. Contains microphone so you can phone the alarm and listen what goes on inside your home. You can even communicate via the alarm.
  20. Can call you, your neighbour etc (up to 6 different numbers) when alarm is triggered. You then have options to arm, disarm, listen in or communicate
  21. Can send SMS's when alarm is triggered to 3 different numbers with the exact location where the intrusion happens
  22. You can call the alarm to arm or disarm it or to just listen to monitor sound in your house (also great to catch out the kids having parties while you are away on holiday!)
  23. Alarm have a relay that will switch on when alarm is triggered, it can be used to switch something on
  24. You can record a message like "This is John's alarm calling you" that can be played back when alarm calls the numbers you registered in it
  25. Built-in rechargeable batteries to keep the alarm operational during a power outage
  26. When you move house you take the alarm with you and set it up at the new house. No need to change your settings!
  27. LCD display on Panel
  28. Voice anouncement on all programming actions
  29. Keep a history in memory of alarm activities
  30. Time based automatic arming and disarming of unit

The Kit contains:

1 Predator X1 Main panel with keypad and built-in GSM module
2 wireless PIR (motion) detectors
1 Sound bomb siren,
3 Wireless door detectors,
2 Remote controllers,
1 Built-in backup battery,
1 AC/DC Adapter (South African plug),
1 User manual.

We are looking forward to hear from you!