Our wireless GSM alarm systems are reliable, easy to install, technology advanced and put the owner in full control of his or her security needs.

You will benefit from our systems whether it is for personal use, business use or for reselling.

Predator X2Predator X2 wireless/wired GSM alarm systems are our best sellers and find their homes from small residential houses to bigger businesses.


These systems are cost effective with a huge range of functions including GSM support, wireless as well as wired sensor connection, build in backup batteries, power failure via GSM to name a few

 Predator X3 is our “flag ship” alarm system. It include all the X2 and X3 features with backup telephone line support, sensor supervision (the alarm system can report sensor status like low battery and sensor failure/tamper/removal), include home automation, more record storage etc.



 Vehicle SMS GPRS GPS alarm and tracker kit combines vehicle security and GPS tracking into one system. This kit is complete with 2 remote controllers to arm/disarm alarm, relay (to cut fuel supply or power via cellphone or SMS), panic button, microphone (for listening in), adjustable vibrating sensor and status LED. The alarm system will SMS or/and phone preset numbers when doors are opened, ignition is switched on, brake is pressed, car moves or vibration sensor is activated. Further more the combined GPS tracking system can be used at the same time to track vehicles on a number of free tracking web sites.

Quality and service

We have a whole quality department testing each and every product before we place it in our customers hands. Strong and friendly support is always priority and as part of these efforts all our systems are configured before we dispatch. It is our mission to make very sure that our clients can install our systems quick and with ease.

Research and technology

We also manufacture some of our products ourselves. We listen very carefully to the requests from our customers and we constantly find new high quality products that have as end result a product range that is not only wanted and needed but also on the forefront of technology.


When sourcing and developing new products we do not go for the cheapest but do spend lots of time to get the best deals. Our profit margins are kept fair, we buy and ship in bulk and employ all kinds of cost saving techniques to have a product range that is affordable.

Lots of information on our product are available on our website.

Of cause we also will be happy to answer any questions you might have. Feel free to contact Gerhard at the numbers below.

081 268 5111